Viper Auto Valet is committed to providing high quality detailing, and while staff training and attitude makes up one aspect of that quality, a certain level of quality can only be obtained by using the best possible products for each and every job. 

Colin is so dedicated to using the very best detailing products that he has opted to share why he has chosen each of these, in order for you to understand the care that goes into every Viper Auto Valet detailing service.

Take a look at Colin's top valet detailing products below.


MALCO Red Thunder

An All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser.  

Mixed at differing ratios for engines bays, tyres, doors shuts, panel gaps,window trims and interiors including cloths, vinyls and hard plastics. 

This is my most used product due to its versatility when combined with a various brushes and microfibres dependent on what is needed to be decontaminated. 

On dashboards and interior trims it leaves a natural finish rather than an overly “shiny slick shine”.


MALCO Brake Off

Discovered this wheel cleaner only recently. I use this for wheels which are heavily soiled with baked on brake dust. 

It is a "gloopy" product, so it dwells on affected areas. No more than three minutes is recommended as it is a strong Non-Acid product. For real heavy soiling I will use a specialised brush to agitate product. It is then ringed using pressure washer leaving a very clean wheel. 


VALET PRO Bilberry 

The first wheel cleaner I purchased when setting my up my business and still using it. You dilute it depending on the strength needed. It is best used on wheels which are not too contaminated with brake dust. Although it will remove medium brake dust contamination when using a specific type of wheel brush.  It is at its best when used on wheels which are very intricate as you can leave it on the wheel while you work the product in.  It is also good for in the wheel barrels and callipers. Always use a large variety of dedicated wheel brushes to get the best out of product.

Bilt Hamber Snow Foam.jpg

BILT HAMBER Snow Foam    

Been using this snow foam from day one.  It does not give a “meringue” type foam which seems to be the trend and what looks good on YouTube. What it gives is a good prewash foam with a safe dwell time of over five minutes to really encourage the dirt to run off with the snow foam.  The five minutes allows time to use a soft bristled brush to work snow foam into panel gaps,around window surrounds, badges, grills and other difficult to reach areas. Product is then rinsed off ready for contact wash. 

Insta finish maxi suds.jpg


Tried a number of car shampoo products and this is my preferred at the moment. This is a wax free product to be used on vehicles to have paint correction or a coating of polish or wax. This product foams up well giving thick suds offering good lubrication to help prevent swirl marks and scratching. It has enough cleaning agents to remove contamination from paint work during the contact wash. 

Malco Ultra violet.jpg

MALCO Ultra-Violet

Used for a few wash n waxes and this seems as good as any I have used. Purchased this brand a few times now. It gives a good thick foam offering plenty of lubrication to the paint work. Lubrication in a wash product helps reduce risk of swirl marks and scratches when carrying out a contact wash. It also gives a fair amount of shine and beading for a Wash  n Wax product. 

carpro hydro2 lite.jpg


Have used this product from the beginning. It is applied via a spray bottle. It needs to be applied with caution two to three panels at a time. Can be applied to paintwork, wheels, glass, plastics and even callipers. This is a wipeless silica sealant which has hydrophobic properties as well as enhancing depth of shine. A single treatment last around three months. 

Insta finish bug away.jpg


I apply this product via a spray dispenser to door mirrors, bonnet front edges and grill areas. Give it five minutes or more to dwell. Often apply a covering of Snow Foam over this product to give more dwell time. This reduces the amount of contact washing that maybe needed reducing risk of scratches. It also works well as a prewash if required on heavily soiled lower parts of bodywork.