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Our Story


Founded by Colin in 1981, the Viper story began by cleaning cars while still at school at weekends and holidays for a local car dealer. Based in Plymouth, Bob Brimacombe Cars Ltd is a COLT MITSUBISHI Dealer and Porsche Specialist. Viper built up a private customer base cleaning cars outside of school and work by riding his bike or walking to their homes. He cleaned a range of cars, including a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, Triumph Stag, Triumph TR6, Mitsubishi Sapparo, GSR, Mitsubishi Starion and a number of others during this time.


Colin moved into a career in Engineering and then as a Sales Representative, mostly within the Motor Trade. He has always had a great interest in cars, owning a number of interesting cars and always enjoyed cleaning and valeting them.


Colin has now turned full circle to run a company “Valeting and Detailing” using some of the skills he learned as a Sales Representative. Providing above all else a high quality of customer service and “Doing what you say you are going to do”. We always believed “Never brag about what you're going to do. Let others praise what you have done”.


Our dedication to high-quality car detailing has led Viper to achieve certification in the field. We want you to be sure you're getting the best possible car valet service!

With an ever growing team, the Viper story will continue to thrive.


We look forward to working with you!

–Colin Brown




Porsche World Magazine

Featured in Porsche World Magazine, an interview with Colin showcases his knowledge and commitment to cars and making them look their best. “A mark of Brown’s devotion to the car’s upkeep is the special sponge he has for cleaning the insides of the wheel rims.” (p 131)


Land Rover Owner International

Featured in November 1994’s Land Rover Magazine, Colin made “many more cosmetic improvements, including the repainting of the IIA in the Land Rover green, have turned what was once a rough-and-ready workhorse into a snazzy off-roader.”

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