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At Hanger 111 Polishing Your LOTUS in the Winter Sun

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Colin has just revealed his mystery project and spent a day valeting at Hanger 111, a LOTUS and KTM specialist.

Ipswich Auto Valet - 2011 VAUXHALL ASTRA
2011 VAUXHALL ASTRA 1.6 CDTI client booked this company pool car for a service valet ready for a long road trip on Monday.

Suffolk Car Valet - 2012 RANGE ROVER
2012 RANGE ROVER Autobiography V8 tdi client requested a service valet so was looking its best for the weekend having just passed its MOT. These vehicles really do have top class interiors with lots of quality leather and a stylish exterior.

Suffolk Car Valet - 2010 VAUXHALL ASTRA
2010 VAUXHALL ASTRA 1.6 cdti client booked car for its regular service valet, to this well used pool car. Needed to remove lots of spilt coffee and chocolate on the seats. Now clean for the next person or persons using for a important drive.

Ipswich Car Valeting - 2013 MERCEDES BENZ E250
2013 MERCEDES BENZ E250 client booked this car for a service valet. Having been driven on UK roads for 3 weeks since it was last done it was filthy. Client uses car to pick up and drive their clients around, so they like it to be looking its best.

Viper Auto Valet mystery project
Viper Auto Valet mystery project wheels all polished and wax sealed and a new set of MICHELIN tyres fitted. Almost ready for a full reveal.

Suffolk Auto Valeting - 2004  BENTLEY CONTINENTAL GT 6.0 W12
2004 BENTLEY CONTINENTAL GT 6.0 W12 client booked his weekend and sunny day vehicle in for a GOLD int/ext valet as well as some much needed paint correction and then a coating of SWISSVAX Shield. This is luxurious motoring at a top level with yards of top quality hide. Good colours aswell, deep metallic blue with contrasting biscuit and blue hide.

Ipswich Car Valet - 1996 PORSCHE CARRERA 2
1996 PORSCHE CARRERA 2 this superb car required a GOLD int/ext valet. Also needed was a wet at dry extraction due to some spilt milk. Car was also treated to a coating of SWISSVAX Wax.

VIPER AUTO VALET mystery project revealed
VIPER AUTO VALET mystery project revealed. 1990 MERCEDES BENZ W126 500SEL. First registered 01/01/1990. Lancaster’s Ipswich. Wing the supplier. Ordered with Almandine metallic with contrasting biscuit hide. Has now covered 375,000 miles partly due to a number of years as a chauffeur car. Looking to take it to a few shows during this year.

Attended HANGER 111 a local LOTUS and KTM specialist
Attended HANGER 111 a local LOTUS and KTM specialist with LOTUS approval. Event was well attended by members of the South East Lotus Owners Club. Did a number of valets. Also did a bronze exterior valet inc a SWISSVAX Shield Wax coating. With all procedures required prior to applying this high quality wax. Was a great day with cars,food,coffee and some lovely winter sunshine.

Ipswich Car Valet - 2007 BMW 120d
2007 BMW 120d Client booked for a silver int/ext valet and some extra work. Including mild engine bay detail, wet n dry extraction and a Hydrolite 2 treatment to enhance depth of shine and Hydrophobic properties. Car now ready for forecourt.

Suffolk Car Valet - 2014 FORD FIESTA
2014 FORD FIESTA client wanted a final valet as new owner was collecting today. Valet this vehicle a few weeks ago so it shows the power of a quality valet n detail.

Ipswich Car Valeting - 2016 LEXUS is300 hybrid
2016 LEXUS is300 hybrid needed a service valet to give this car the cleanliness it needs for the forecourt.

Suffolk Car Valeting - 2006 BMW Z4 3.0
2006 BMW Z4 3.0 client requested this newly acquired sports coupe to look right for the forecourt. It received a silver valet and a coating of Hydrolite 2 to enhance it for the forecourt. Once finished a customer pulled in to view and road test the car. No reason not to buy this stunning coupe.

Take a look at the full gallery portfolio for more images of Colin's work. The gallery shows much more detail, including the before/after pics.

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