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Colin Gives a Gold Valet to a £4,000,000 Vehicle

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Colin's been detailing some amazing vehicles, come rain or shine, getting them ready for sale or removing all evidence of pet haulage. But this week he's also had the pleasure of working on an incredible vehicle with a £4,000,000 price tag.

Take a look at what he's done.

Ipswich Car Valeting
Some interior pictures of the VIPER AUTO VALET mystery project. Vast amounts of real thick leather.

Suffolk Car Valet - 2018 BMW 540i xdrive
2018 BMW 540i xdrive client requested his regular service valet. Was much needed due to a few weeks driving on very dirty Suffolk roads. Bodywork,wheels and glass now clean again. Interior now very respectable again.

Suffolk Essex Norfolk Car Valet - 2010 SEAT CUPRA
2010 SEAT CUPRA. Client booked for int/ext silver valet so he can put car up for sale. Gave car a coat of Valet Pro Hydro2 to give a greater depth of shine beading when wet and to offer some protection until sold.

Suffolk Car Valeting - 2006 BMW 520d M Sport Estate
2006 BMW 520d M Sport Estate. Client booked car in for int/ ext silver valet and some paint correction. Managed to get all machine polishing just before it started spitting and all was ruined. Car was very dirty inside and out. Had to remove dog hair, years of dirt and back seat prince n princess sweets and spilt drink ect. Came out well and had a customer viewing car at 5pm. No reason not to buy car as it looked worth every penny.

Ipswich Auto Valeting - 2018 BMW 540i
2018 BMW 540i received is regular service valet. Also needed to clean some BIC pen from the cream dash and some dirt from passenger seat pad. Cream seats now back to showroom.

Suffolk Auto Valeting - 2004 AUDI 3.0 tdi A4
2004 AUDI 3.0 tdi A4. Booked for a service valet. Had to remove a number of dog hairs for this top class dog hauler. Now ready for more dog paws.

Ipswich Car Valet - 2010 SEAT CUPRA
2010 SEAT CUPRA customer booked car for service valet as well a wanting paintwork to have depth of shine and be silky smooth. Removed ironfall out and tar. Then clayed the bodywork to remove contamination the a contact wash can’t. Then applied a coat of SWISSVAX SHILED high quality of wax for its hydrophobic qualities and depth of shine. Car now ready to be put up for sale.

Suffolk Car Valeting - 1951 Jaguar C-type 3.4
1951 Jaguar C-type 3.4 client booked for GOLD int/ext valet. Spent hours detailing wheel arches, spoked wheels, engine bay and the alloy interior. Decontaminated the bodywork gave it a coat of cleanser polish then a coat of SWISSVAX SHIELD. All this to get it ready for Goodwood 2019. This car is not for sale but when they do come up the go for around £4,000,000.

Take a look at the full gallery portfolio for more images of Colin's work. The gallery shows much more detail, including the before/after pics.

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