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Gold Valet: The Ultimate in Car Care

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Colin's been valeting some beautiful cars in Suffolk recently and to keep his readers happy he made the time to take a few photos.

Take a look at the results of the Gold Valet package and Swissvax Shield treatments on a couple of BMWs! They look stunning.

Ipswich Car Valet - 2014 Mercedes Benz CLA220
2014 Mercedes Benz CLA220. Received an exterior valet along with all treatments prior to giving a special polish agent that tops up ceramic coating to rejuvenate them.

Car Valeting Suffolk - 2012 BMW 2.0d X3
2012 BMW 2.0d X3. This lovely metallic grey M sport SUV was treated to a GOLD VALET and a SWISSVAX SHIELD treatment.

Ipswich Auto Valet - 2006 BMW Z4 3.0Si
2006 BMW Z4 3.0Si. Client booked car for a GOLD VALET inc a little bit of paint correction to remove some light N/S Hedge scratches. Gave car a coat of POORBOYS BLACK HOLE then topped up with SWISSVAX SHIELD.

Take a look at the full gallery portfolio for more images of Colin's work. The gallery shows much more detail, including before/after pics of the various valeting services available.

Please get in touch on 07554 361 397 if we can help you with your next car valet service -- available in Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk.


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