Lots and Lots of SB3 Coatings!

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Colin's been giving cars the gold treatment lately by applying SB3 solo. The SB3 coatings are an extremely powerful range of products that Colin is really proud to be authorised to use. Take a look at the before and after photos in the portfolio to see why he loves SB3 so much!

An application of SB3 solo for a gorgeous car.

Mercedes Benz E class has a Gold Valet interior and exterior. Full exterior decontamination and an application of SB3 solo.

Headlights wet sanded, compounded,polished and sealed. Look better, see better and no problems at mot time.

More headlights all looking bright much improved from their previous dull look. Also no issues with passing an mot.

Three pool cars all received Service Valets. Now all refreshed and ready for the next drivers.

A well worked Transit is need of a Full Interior Valet inc a wet and Dry Extraction. Now all clean n fresh.

A lovely little Black SLK has a Gold Valet including a single stage machine polish and an application of swissvax shield to just enhance gloss and help the shine to last.

LAND ROVER EVOQUE has a silver valet in a very cold windy day. Now looking clean and tidy including the lovely red n black interior.

An amazing car in need of some love and care. Now looking so much better and looking as an Aston Martin should do.

A stunning MERCEDES BENZ E63 was in need of a serious amount of work to remove lots of dirt and other earthy dirt as it had been sat outside for many months. Now all ready to go up for sale ready for the next very lucky owner.

Difference between supermarket washed and professionally valeted. No Acids used just a variety of specialist brushes, wheel cleaner,and soap.

A workhorse Nissan has a silver valet interior and exterior to tidy it up ready for the lease company to pick it up.

1980,s MERCEDES-BENZ SLC received a engine bay valet with a difference. Now water or pressure washer could be used due to where vehicle was situated and could not be moved.

Take a look at the full gallery portfolio for more images of Colin's work. The gallery shows much more detail, including before/after pics of the various valeting services available.

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