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Viper Auto Valet gets a New Workshop in Ipswich

After a long Winter of mobile valeting in adverse conditions, Colin has invested in a workshop in Ipswich to help him to work in inclement weather, and to get the longer jobs done.

Here's what Colin has to say about the new unit:

New VIPER AUTO VALET vehicle storage detailing workshop and offices. Lots to do before it is ready for me to work out of. Still carrying on with the mobile side of business, but this is to be a great asset when a job needs more than a day. Also good when weather is not that great.

Check it out!

Take a look at the full gallery portfolio for more images of Colin's work. The gallery shows much more detail, including before/after pics of the various valeting services available.

Please get in touch on 07554 361 397 if we can help you with your next car valet service -- available in Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk.


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