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From Bio-Hazard to Pristine

Colin is an absolute star when it comes to getting years of grime out of a car. Some of the following cars were previously declared bio-hazards by their owners, had antique paintwork to maintain, or had only ever been washed at a supermarket wash bay.

Check out the amazing work Colin has done on them!

2011 Hyundai i10 - Car Valet Ipswich
2011 Hyundai i10 recived a much need int/ext Silver Valet and a full wet n dry extraction. By the clients admission it was a BIO HAZARD inside not having been cleaned out for a number of years. They were very pleased with results.

2017 VOLVO XC60 - Ipswich Car Valet
2017 VOLVO XC60 received a Gold Valet which includes a hand polish.

2015 VAUXHALL CORSA 1.4 TURBO - Car Valet Ipswich
2015 VAUXHALL CORSA 1.4 TURBO. Received an int/ext GOLD valet inc a full coating of Swissvax Wax for added paint protection and enhanced deep shine n beading. Now a regular client. Converted from using supermarket wash bays.

1965 VW “Bus called Dolly” - Car Valet Ipswich
1965 VW “Bus called Dolly” client wanted to add shine without spoiling the original Californian paint inc all the paint faults. Tall order gave van full wash to remove grime n bugs. Gave it a gentle clay bar and treated it to a hand polish using Autofinesse Triple. Results were just what the customer was looking for.

2018 BMW 335d - Car Valet Ipswich
2018 BMW 335d. Received Gold Valet inc coat of Swissvax Wax to further enhance and protect. Now a regular client converted from supermarket wash bays.

2018 BMW 540i X drive - Car Valet Ipswich
2018 BMW 540i X drive. Received a service valet as I offer a much better end result with duration of cleanliness than a supermarket wash bay.

2010 Transit - Car Valet Ipswich
2010 Transit. Well used builders tipper. Client needed the very dirty interior to be fully valeted.Started with a vacuum then a wet n dry on the seats finishing with cleaning the floor area and then the dash area n door cards received a full clean and dressing.

1999 Saab - Car Valet Ipswich
1999 Saab received a silver int /ext valet and a hand polish to get it ready for Classic & Sports Cars by the Lake in Bury where it was to be auctioned for Charity.

1972 TR6 - Car Valet Ipswich
1972 TR6 received a silver valet int/ext and a hand polish to get it ready for Classic & Sports Cars by the Lake in Bury.

2011 Mercedes E350 - Car Detailing Ipswich
2011 Mercedes E350 received a full engine detail.

2018 BMW 335d - Car Valeting Ipswich
2018 BMW 335d having a service valet. Customer now fully aware of benefits of a proper valet over a quick wash at a supermarket wash bay.

2009 Kia - Ipswich Car Valet
2009 Kia family car and back seat princesses run about. Received a silver valet and a seat wet n dry extraction to remove stains caused by “to many sweets n drinks” on a family day out. Transformation of this car that has not been cleaned in a few years. Just started to rain as I finished.

2014 VW Touareg - Car Valet Ipswich
2014 VW Touareg in for a int/ext Gold Valet. It got a covering of Swissvax Wax to protect, enhance and give it that all important and impressive beading when it rains.

Mercedes Benz Vito - Car Valeting Ipswich
Mercedes Benz Vito work commuter and fishing kit hauler. In for a Gold Valet which includes a Swissvax coating which bought back the shine to this vehicle.

2017 VW Amarok - Car Valeting Ipswich
2017 VW Amarok. This commute, tow-truck and shooting bus received a Gold Valet which included a much needed vac and road tar removal followed by a coat of wax.

1999 FORD Puma - Car Valeting Ipswich
1999 FORD Puma rare 2.0ltr. This car had sat in a field for almost two years. Client requested a full wet n dry extraction and dog hair removal. Removed years of dog hair, dirt, sand, dust and mould!!! Client very pleased with end results.

2018 BMW 540i Xdrive - Car Valeting Ipswich
2018 BMW 540i Xdrive has another service valet. Shame you can’t smell the Nappa Leather!!! What a stunning car!!

2018 BMW 335d - Car Valeting Suffolk
2018 BMW 335d received another service valet.

2018 BMW 540i - Car Valet Suffolk
2018 BMW 540i received its regular service valet. Possibly now due for a Swissvax Wax treatment and a wheel off arch and wheel detailing.

Take a look at the full gallery portfolio for more images of Colin's work. The gallery shows much more detail, including the before/after pics.

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