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Mystery Projects & More Happy Customers

Colin has recently taken on an incredibly mysterious valet project, that looks to be more of a full-on restoration project. We're all expecting some amazing results, so stay tuned for those.

Alongside that we have seen the usual collection of happy customers coming back for their regular service, plus a bunch of new customers who are newly-converted from supermarket car washes and have now decided to bring in their work fleet for a car valet service.

2018 VW Polo - Suffolk Car Service Valet
2018 VW polo booked for a service valet. Carried out while dodging the rain. Soon as completed, it poured down. Now a regular client.

Suffolk Car Valeting
New mystery project for Viper Auto Valet. Loads to do over a few weeks.

Suffolk Car Valeting
First part of mystery valeting detailing project. Carpets recived wet n dry extraction, leather seats received a deep clean and then were treated with leather cream. All interior trim was cleaned and boot area was fully detailed. More to come.

Suffolk Car Valeting
2014 Toyota landcruiser V8. Booked for a Gold Valet which included a polish. Car normally cleaned at supermarkets. Client has now seen the light.

Suffolk Car Valet
2004 AUDI A3 booked in for interior/exterior silver valet. This commute come horse tack hauler had not seen a was or vac in a very long time. Client very happy n not sure if she now wants to put horse tack in it anymore.

Ipswich Service Valet
2018 BMW 540i. Booked for its regular service valet. Looked really nice in the late afternoon sun.

Ipswich Car Service Valet
2108 BMW 335i booked for its service valet, after a week driving on some very filthy roads.

Ipswich Car Valeting
2017 VW Truck 3.0 V6 booked in for a silver int:ext valet. Customer seen the light of professional valet over supermarket wash. Now booked his fleet of work transits in for valets.

Ipswich Car Valeting
2017 Land Rover Discovey. Booked for a bronze ext valet. Client now converted from supermarket car wash bays. Now book a company vehicle in for Monday as well.

Ipswich Car Valet
2014 Volvo V40 2.0d new fleet client booked for a silver int/ext valet. Struggled through the pouring rain to complete job. Gazebo worth the money on days like today.

Suffolk Car Valet
2012 Astra 1.7d second valet for new fleet client. Had a silver int/ext valet and a wet n dry extraction as this was a well used 98,000 pool car it was very needed.

With results like these, it's clear that a professional car valet service by Colin is in a completely different league to your cheap supermarket car wash.

Do you need a car valet for a your work fleet? Or do you have a special valet restoration project in mind? Talk to Colin and he'll sort you out.

Take a look at the full gallery portfolio for more images of Colin's work. The gallery shows much more detail, including the before/after pics.

Please get in touch on 07554 361 397 if we can help you with your next car valet service -- available in Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk.


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