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Wedding Valeting and Sales Forecourt Valets

Colin has been extremely busy lately ensuring a fleet of cars are valeted and ready for a wedding party, and also getting several vehicles valeted ready for sale.

A lot of these cars found buyers as soon as they were cleaned up, so he's obviously done an excellent job!

Auto Valet Suffolk
2010 BMW 320d estate booked in for a int/ext silver valet. This 50,000 mile car needed to be made to look new again. It was the first job for this client and the car sold today to first viewer. Shows valeting and detailing works.

Ipswich Car Valeting
2007 WW Golf booked for a silver valet which is int/ext. Now ready for sales forecourt, looking for a new owner.

2007  BMW 120d - Car Valeting Suffolk
2007 BMW 120d received a int/ext Silver Valet. This sales car, used by the mechanics as a quick runabout. Now valeted and ready to be back on forecourt for sale.

2018 BMW 5 series xdrive - Auto Valet Ipswich
2018 BMW 5 series xdrive received its regular service valet.

2018 BMW 335d - Ipswich Car Valeting
2018 BMW 335d received its regular service valet.

2018 BMW 320d estate - Ipswich Car Valeting
2018 BMW 320d estate booked for a silver int/ext valet. Now all ready for the forecourt and a new owner.

2014 Ford Fiesta - Ipswich Car Valeting
2014 Ford Fiesta needed a silver valet so ready for a wife’s new car to run around in. She was very happy with result as it was filthy originally.

2008 BMW 1 series - Ipswich Car Valet
2008 BMW 1 series received a much needed a interior wet n dry extraction dog hair removal and a silver valet. Looking like new. Now ready to be put on the forecourt ready for sale.

2018 Mercedes Benz G63 AMG - Ipswich Car Valeting
2018 Mercedes Benz G63 AMG. Looked amazing due to its size and sounded amazing due to its near 600bhp and quad side exhausts. Booked for a bronze valet as part of a number of cars for a wedding party.

2018 S650 V12 MAYBACH - Ipswich Car Valet
2018 S650 V12 MAYBACH. What a glorious car with a stunning interior. The top end of real luxury motoring. Booked for a bronze valet ready to transport some lucky people to a church and back for a wedding.

2018 Mercedes Benz GLC 63S - Ipswich Car Valet
2018 Mercedes Benz GLC 63S. Another car for the wedding party also received a bronze valet.

Do you need a car valet for a wedding? Or a special valet and detail ready to sell your car? Talk to Colin and he'll sort you out.

Take a look at the full gallery portfolio for more images of Colin's work. The gallery shows much more detail, including the before/after pics.

Please get in touch on 07554 361 397 if we can help you with your next car valet service -- available in Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk.


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